So You Want To Be A Freelancer ?

Oh, how I wish I could go back in time and knock some sense into younger Brittany. When I began my freelance journey, I had no real guidance or goals, I just randomly decided to quit my job and start my career. Although the struggle is inevitable with entrepreneurship, drafting a plan and studying the industry further, would’ve made my transition a lot smoother. So before you resign, here’s some advice on what I wish I knew before becoming a full-time freelancer.

1.) Find Your Niche 

The most influential artist in the world such as Pat Mcgrath, Kevyn Aucoin, and Charlotte Tilbury are successful because they discovered their niche and perfected it. At the beginning of my career, I had no clue as to what type of artist I wanted to be. I just wanted to create. 

I felt the need to keep up with every beauty trend, and I accepted any job I could. From eye candy photoshoots, bridal or special effects, nothing was off limits for me. 

 In this midst of trying to be everything, I realized that skin and clean beauty was my primary interest. Discovering my specialty helped me identify my career goals and get more specific about the jobs I was accepting. 

 Moral of the story is, I found my niche. I gave it divine focus, and my career began to thrive. 

2.) Practice, Practice and then Practice some more. 

Practice should be a never-ending routine in your career. Till this day I still schedule the time to study new looks. Always challenge yourself when it comes to your practice sessions, be sure to work on different complexions, ages, skin types, and personality. Personality matters, because you never know whom you’re going to get in your chair. You have to be prepared for anything and anybody.  

3.) Build a financial plan and Save Your Coins! 

 I once quit a job with only $600 to my name. Not saving caused me so much stress, But by the grace of God, I made it work. However, I wouldn’t suggest this. 

 As a freelancer, your income isn’t guaranteed. Some months are fast, and others are slow. Some Jobs pay on receipt, and some are Net 30 - 90 Days. 

 Before you quit your 9-5, it’s vital to create a budget and build a substantial savings. Most financial advisors suggest that you collect at least six months to a year of expenses and establish a separate emergency fund. 

 Aside Business necessities,( website, kit, business cards, photo shoots, classes, etc.) Taxes, health insurance, and retirement are a few expenses that should be calculated in your budget. 

4.) Assist 

 Don’t wait until you quit your job. Start assisting now. Assisting is a great way to learn the ends and outs of the Industry. However, be strategic about the artist you assist. Figure out what style of work your most attracted to, Research the artist within that realm, understand what you like about their work and personality before contacting them. A few of my most rewarding jobs came from being an assistant

4) Find a Mentor

 Starting your freelance career can be frustrating at times. Somedays you don’t know where to start, or you find yourself in a situation that you don’t have the answer for. This is where a mentor comes in. Mentors are there to push you in the right direction, open your mind to new ideas and help you improve areas we sometimes miss.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. My suggestions aren’t mandatory rules to live by, But if you asked me what are some things I implemented, that caused extreme growth to my career? This post would be it!

 Remember that Beyonce wasn’t built in a day. Please don’t beat yourself up because you haven’t made it to Sam Fine status after your first year. Successful freelancing takes time. 

 Now, I want to hear from you. Did you find any of these tips useful? Also, what are some great tips you received to help boost your career? 

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